"JUMP INTO THE BUS, PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL…GET THE STUFF RIGHT INTO THE CAR…GO AHEAD FOR GIGIN´ANOTHER TOWN…!!!" That’s exactly what the three CANS Claude, Semmel & Martin life for. Almost every weekend the three are on the road through Europe to proclaim the Good News: " HAVE SOME FUN….PUT FOUR ON THE FLOOR…..!!!!"


Originally, the CANS started in 1986 as a quartet to emulate their idols from the 50s and even the 80s. Claude; Ex-Magnetics, where he refined the sound with his unique voice and the “Blistering Slap” of his Bass fiddle and Semmel; Ex-Scannerz, who with his “Telecaster Twang” made everyone listen up, already shared the stage many times with there respectable bands. Their paths crossed again and again, until they realized that they share the same passion for Neo-Rockabilly music. What could be more natural than to join forces?


Michi the RhythmGuitarist and Lutti the Drummer formed the first outfit of the Tin Cans, but soon had to make a difficult decision, choosing between their daytime Jobs and the Band.

Stop playing music??? Now??? No Way!!!

Martin took over the drum chair. In the 80s he played with the Cambles and was on tour with Paul Burlison, Rocky Burnette, Wanda Jackson, Linda Gail Lewis, Ronnie Dawson, Sleepy LaBeef und Billy Lee Riley. He played Blues and Country around town, until he received the long awaited phone call to join the CANS.

To Date the TIN CANS have produced seven Long-Players with their unique sound, which is a mixture of Honky-Tonk-Country, Neo-Rockabilly, Boogie and all the rest you can produce on acoustic instruments. They have absorbed the music of their idols, listened closely and distilled there sound. The outcome you can learn best when they come to your town to celebrate with you – whether in small clubs or at festivals.

No sign of hackneyed Oldies, even the few cover songs have that distinct TC-Stamp on it. When the TIN CANS take the stage, …turning up the nobs, ...the girls open the top buttons on their blouses!!! Believe me! There will be dancing till the shoes burn; it’s a sweaty affair.

Week after week "They´ve got a BRAVE ROCKIN´ HEART RIGHT FROM THE START… They are UNBREAKABLE!!!"