Looking back on our Band History that is like so many other bands before us defined by its individual characters like Claude, Semmel and Martin who are responsible for the TIN CANS sound and style. Our musical inspiration comes from the Neo-Rockabilly movement of the 80s with such bands like: Magnetics, Red-Velvet-Trio, Scannerz, Hot-Riffs, Boppin Bears or Cambles. All these bands were a big influence to us.



Our success proves us right. Combining the Classic European “Neobilly”with Blues, Swing, Beat and Country Rhythms, shows the importance of the development of our music. Admittedly this is mostly selfserving, which is important for a band to have fun performing their music in order not to become implausible.

Everyone who knows our (to date) EIGHT Long-players and seen us play live, knows what we are talking about.



Touring Europe for the last few years has shown us; everywhere we go there are people with the same enthusiasm towards our music. For that we like to thank you!

The reason why we mention this is the fact that measured by the number of Bands in the Neobilly scene in Germany, it’s a dying Art form and threatened to extinct.

Anyway, we are going to stay true to our music, because even with as little as three acoustic instruments (Guitar, Bass & Drums) we still can produce a big sound, without the help of digital samplers or computers, which we leave for the Studio. But you can be sure we still play our instruments and also sing our self, like so many other fine Rockabilly and Rock’n’Roll Bands out there.

The TIN CANS repertoire is made up of 95% original compositions and 110% of pure fun on stage that will excite our live audience across Europe.